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Phone : +81 3 64 57 86 62

Fax : +81 3 64 57 86 63

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nocken & hammes consulting GbR

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I agree that my company profile will be registered by my local Enterprise Europe Network partner free of charge in the Partnership Opportunity Database (POD) in order to reach an even wider target group.
Herewith, I confirm that before the registration for the event, I have carefully read and taken note of the whole participation conditions.

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Industrial & technical cooperation

Industrial & technical cooperationOfferSearch
Production agreement
Licence agreement
Bidding consortium (for joint public tenders)

Technological & creative cooperation

Technological & creative cooperationOfferSearch
Transfer of know-how and technology
Technological cooperation
Participation in Horizon 2020 or other EU projects for the development of new technologies
Creative cooperation
R&D cooperation
Bidding consortium (for joint public tenders)

Financial cooperation

Financial cooperationOfferSearch
Joint venture
Merging, exchange of shares
Company acquisition, takeover
Company succession
Financing & financial consulting
Company establishment, start-up
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Other cooperation

Other cooperationOfferSearch
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Investment support
Access to foreign markets
Regional economic policy
Other consultancy services
Bidding consortium (for joint public tenders)
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For exhibitors:
The participation in the EEN Brokerage Event is included in the packages of the exhibitors at the ICT Spring Europe.

For visitors:

First company representative: 100.00 €
75.00 EUR per person will be added in case your company wants to attend the event with two or more representatives.

Special participation conditions are applicable for companies registering via a member of the Enterprise Europe Network.


Please note:
Your participation in the b2fair matchmaking event during ICT SPRING 2018 has to be paid by credit card.
After completing your registration, you will be redirected to a website on which you can select the payment procedure. Your registration will only be accepted after valid payment.
Please make sure to have your credit card ready.

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