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Clusil a.s.b.l Luxembourg

Availability : 15.11.2017

Security of Information

This organisation develops cooperative actions with public authorities, semi-public authorities for the security of information. With about 200 members from all economic sectors, it is a well-established and independent actor among the Information Security Landscape of Luxembourg and the “Grande Region”. In just 20 years, it has come a very long way and are very proud.


Id. 8418

A10 networks limited 450 United Kingdom


We modernize the delivery of applications with analytics-driven visibility, performance and security solutions, via hardware or software, on premise or in the cloud.

Cloud & e-Hosted Solutions
Software development

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ABACUS Consulting & Solutions S.A. Luxembourg

Availability : 15.11.2017

Consulting & Solutions

Running successful IT projects goes beyond technical development skills and also requires good business understanding, combined with organization and management skills in order to identify and formalize business requirements and transform them into added-value IT solutions. The company adopts a systemic approach, by considering IT solutions in their complete business context, including organisational aspects. By relying on strong business process management, project management and technical skills, It successfully execute end-to-end IT projects from As-is To-be analysis down to operational software solutions by working iteratively in a multi-disciplinary team. ABACUS CONSULTING & SOLUTIONS is a spin-off of the CRP-Gabriel Lippmann and builds high quality IT solutions by taking advantage of the research results in the domain of business informatics

Advisory & Consulting
Information Technology
Services to companies

Id. 10071

Acorus Networks SAS France

Availability : 15.11.2017

DDoS Protection

Acorus Networks© gives opportunity to small as well as large enterprise to protect their business, image and data on Internet with complete peace of mind against DDoS attacks. Enterprise have complete visibility and control of the threats to which they may be exposed. As no industry is immune, Acorus Networks© provides a high Cloud scaled protection infrastructure service to its customers like government, defense, media, e-commerce, retail, transport, healthcare, gaming etc. and guarantees high availability of their business by protecting them against increasing sophisticated denial of service attacks. Moreover it gives customers granular view on their legitimate traffic to keep control and counter attacks manually or automatically thanks to a customized portal with integrated API commands.


Id. 8413

Adoraweb Luxembourg

Availability : 15.11.2017


AdoraWeb supports the creation and improvement of digital communication so that web presence has a positive impact on financial performance. solutions are tailored to the needs and are divided into five themes: website creation, digital marketing, animations and videos, hosting, maintenance. AdoraWeb is a human-sized company offering solutions tailored to the needs and constraints of its clients. From the entrepreneur to the small business, we offer solutions that stand out for their simplicity, quality and efficiency.

Communication Technology

Id. 10617

ADVA Optical Networking SE Germany

Availability : 15.11.2017

Optical Data Transmission

At ADVA Optical Networking we're creating new opportunities for tomorrow's networks, a new vision for a connected world. Our intelligent telecommunications hardware, software and services have been deployed by several hundred service providers and thousands of enterprises. Over the past twenty years, our innovative connectivity solutions have helped to drive our customers’ networks forward, helped to drive their businesses to new levels of success. We forge close working relationships with all our customers. As your trusted partner we ensure that we're always ready to exceed your networking expectations.

Communication Technology
Infrastructure & Telecom

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Agende de Promotion de l'Investissement Extérieur « FIPA-Tunisia » Salaheddine El Ammami Tunisia

Availability : 15.11.2017

Government Agency

The organisation is specialised in informing on investment opportunities in TUNISIA and the main reasons making TUNISIA a privileged site for FDI. Contact from Tunis or abroad through preliminary prospecting work and specific contact missions to meet the needs of investors. Advice on the appropriate conditions for the success of the projects, the regions of implantation, the investment regimes, the modes of financing. Accompanying the investor in his prospection visits in TUNISIA and in the various phases of realization of his project . Support to improve the sustainability of the company by a personalized follow-up and a permanent assistance with the various ministerial departments and the Tunisian organizations as well as with the regional authorities

Advisory & Consulting
Communication Technology

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aPhely Luxembourg

Availability : 15.11.2017

Service in Software Asset Management

Software asset management (SAM) is a business practice for managing and optimizing software. We will help you implement the best practices and, as a result, keep track of your software inventory. You will always know which asset is running on which computer. You will reduce costs by using the right number of licenses which are needed by your business and you will put your company on the safe side by avoiding any risk of license non-compliance. We will transform your software compliancy issue into a true opportunity to develop your business. Software Asset Management best practices are described by IAITAM, the International Association of IT Asset Managers. Each consultant is certified Software Asset Manager by this association.

Services to companies

Id. 10856


Availability : 15.11.2017

Datacenter Connectivity, Telecom Services

The company is a leading provider of premium made-to-measure solutions for business critical network connectivity.

Infrastructure & Telecom

Id. 8421

Asperitas Netherlands

Availability : 15.11.2017


Asperitas Immersed Computing® allows for 500% of IT in the same footprint or reduces 45% energy for an average hosting platform. Asperitas is a clean-tech company focused on greening the datacentre industry by introducing Immersed Computing®. With self contained and plug ‘n play Immersed Computing®, Asperitas enables all data centres, cloud providers and IT operators of any scale to achieve the highest possible efficiency in availability, energy reduction and reuse while increasing capacity without spending more. Asperitas Immersed Computing® is a clean, self-contained, modular and plug and play approach to liquid cooling which enables high density computing while reducing IT and cooling energy. (patents pending) Since 2014, Asperitas has worked on validating and developing Immersed Computing® as a unique approach to the data centre industry. Building on existing liquid immersion cooling technologies by adding integration of power and network components.

Information Technology

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