09:30 am

Opening Speech


Gundolf Schülke,
Managing Director,
Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ostbrandenburg (IHK Ostbrandenburg)


09:45 am

German-Polish Concept for the Future by the Ministry of Infrastructure and State Planning

  Horst Sauer,
Head of European Spatial Development Unit,
Joint National Planning Department Berlin –Brandenburg (Gemeinsame Landesplanung Berlin – Brandenburg)
10:00 am Current plans and projects in the
transport and logistics sector in Poland
  Michael Kern,

Managing Director,
German-Polish Chamber of Commerce (AHK Warschau)

10:30 am

Two-track expansion and electrification of the Knabenrode – Horka railway line (german-polish border)

  Ulrich Mölke,
Head of Technology I.NG-SO-K,
DB Netze

10:50 am - Coffee Break

11:00 am

Changes in the transport sector
What conditions must be observed when transporting in Germany?

  Göran Kronberg,
Managing Director,
Interdisciplinary Training Center for Transport and Disposal Oberhavel (IAZ Oberhavel)

11:30 am

Recent changes in the transport sector in Poland
Tax aspects in the transport industry – esp. in passenger transport with rental car

  RA Radoslaw Niecko,
MN Legal  Rechtsanwalts  GmbH

12:00 am

„eHighway“ – Electrified road freight transport

  Hasso Grünjes,
Head of eHighway,
Siemens AG

12:20 am  - Lunch Break

01:10 pm


International Matchmaking Session


04:30 pm - End of the Event 

* subject to change