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Registration for the Annual Conference 2019 is now closed.


2019 Enterprise Europe Network Annual Conference


The 2019 Enterprise Europe Network Annual Conference will take place in Helsinki, Finland, from 21 to 23 October. The conference will be held at the Finlandia Hall, a contemporary venue created by Finland's iconic architect and designer Alvar Aalto.






About the conference


The Annual Conference is the main event of the Enterprise Europe Network. It brings together business advisers from more than 600 Network member organisations from more than 60 countries as well as representatives from the European Institutions and key external stakeholders.

This year's edition is organised by the European Commission and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in partnership with our three Finnish Network partners:

The Networking dinner will this year take place at the Vanha ylioppilastalo.


The registration process and onsite bilateral sessions will be organised in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg (b2fair)


Registration Rules

As indicated in the circular note published on 6/5/2019, the confirmation of participants will take place as follows:


Phase I: Beginning of May - 30 June 

Please register one person from your organisation before 30 June. Make sure you consult within your organisation to decide who will participate: only the first person of the organisation who registers will be accepted. We strongly advise that this person is registered in the Network Directory to facilitate the registration process.


In addition, participants of the following groups will be invited to register:

  • SAG Bureau members
  • Chairs of Sector Groups
  • Chairs of Vision Action Groups
  • Chairs of Thematic Groups
  • Special delegation of IT champions
  • Special delegation of Communication champions


Phase II: 30 June - 15 September

If there are remaining places, additional delegates who contribute actively to the programme will be invited by EASME and DG GROW.

Note: speakers will be able to register during both phases.


No participation fee is required this year.





A forward-looking programme

European SMEs and the Network that supports them are facing a number of challenges, from major shifts in the political environment to the rapid rate of industrial and technological change.

In the light of these challenges the overarching theme for this year's event is: "Addressing future needs of SMEs". This theme will be addressed by a range of sessions covering a selection of topics including:

  • Industrial policy and sustainability
  • Single Market
  • Innovation support
  • Internationalisation
  • Access to finance and scale-ups
  • Digitalisation, including Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A detailed programme will be available in advance of the conference.

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