The b2fair at Expogast 2018



26th to 28th November 2018
Venue: LUXEXPO The Box


For the 1st time, a b2fair matchmaking event will be organised during Expogast, the renowned gastronomy and culinary arts exhibition held every four years in Luxembourg City


  • 3 days of intense business meetings
  • A matchmaking area in the centre of the international culinary trade show
  • The opportunity to meet key actors from the gastronomy sector
  • In Luxembourg, heart of Greater Region and Europe
  • Europe & Beyond partner network
  • Professional assistance on the spot


The b2fair concept in brief


Matchmaking activities and trade fairs Network of international business partners
Over 14 years of international experience 150,000 meetings
Over 200 events organised 30,000 companies from 50 countries






This 2018 edition will hold the Culinary World Cup 2018, a distinctive and remarkable competition organised every four years during Expogast. In Hall 3, 100 national teams (including 30  of pretigious chefs and 15 of young chefs from Luxembourg), coming from 50 countries, will battle during five days, in order to cook the finest three-dishes menus as well as a gastronomic warm buffet.

The prepared fine dishes will be tasted and appreciated by a lucky number of 900 participants.






The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is rich in culinary sensations to experience for all gourmets :

- Modern town centre for new trends and experiences;

- Rustic style inns for a warming and traditional cuisine.


It is the country that proposes the highest number of star-rated tables in proportion to the number of its inhabitants.

Regional products, fine wine from the Moselle, and subtle balance between the influence of cooking styles from the entire world and the rediscovery of the traditional one, the fertile soil of Luxembourg offers fantastic experiences for the senses.




EXPOGAST is the Greater Region's most renowned international trade show regarding culinary arts. Held every four years in Luxembourg City, the fair honours fine food by providing an overview on the latest creations and trends in terms of gastronomy. Combined with the event of matchmaking, the trade show offers a unique opportunity to find the right business partner within this refined community, encouraging strong and strategic partnerships.


Two events will highlight the fair:

  • The b2fair matchmaking event: to widen and enrich one's address book by meeting professionals from the culinary sector amongst the 800 exhibitors and the 5,000 visitors envisaged;
  • The "Culinary World Cup": pleasure for the eyes and taste buds, this competition between 100 national teams will allow prestigious chefs to measure their talent.




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