A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. People meet and greet at high speed. 25 minutes are usually enough to build connections, then the bell rings and the next talk starts.

1. Online registration
Register online and submit your own cooperation profile. In your profile you can state what kind of technology/product/expertise you are offering, what kind of cooperation you are looking for and which ideas you would like to discuss with potential collaboration partners. All cooperation profiles will be published online and will be for everyone to see. You can change your profile any time.


2. Promotion of published profiles
All published profiles will be extensively promoted by the organisers of the event. Furthermore, all participants of the event will view your cooperation profile. High quality profiles are visited about 50 to 150 times BEFORE the event and will still be viewed AFTER the event so take your time to include your information as this increases your chances of successful meetings.

3. Selection of bilateral meetings

Email notification
You will be informed by email when you can start booking bilateral meetings. Check which cooperation profiles are most promising. Intelligent search options allow a quick identification of the most suitable participants/cooperation profiles. Within a few minutes you should be able to identify future potential business partners.

Booking of bilateral meetings
Once you have found the most promising business partners you can select them for bilateral meetings. You can add further meetings any time but please be aware that the bookings are managed on the principle "first come - first served". You can book meetings BUT you can also be booked for bilateral talks by other participants!

Your personal meeting schedule
A few days before the event you will receive your personal meeting schedule (furthermore you can constantly check your meeting schedule online). This meeting schedule gives information about the time, the number of the table and who you are going to meet.

Ask the expert
Do you have questions for the policy representatives and technical speakers/experts/specialists for the policy event. Please let us know and we’ll convey your message.

4. At the event
At the registration desk, you will receive an updated version of your meeting schedule including last minute bookings. Your personal meeting schedule lists in chronological order for each meeting the
• names of your conversation partners
• number of table for each meeting
Our staff will be at your disposal during the whole matchmaking event.

5. After the event
Individual assistance in the further development of first business contacts thanks to two post event surveys: one month and within 3-6 months after the event.

6. Additional benefits
We will work to ensure that you will enjoy your experience at the matchmaking events and we would like you to share your success stories with us!

The most committed and open participants will be granted a special treatment – opportunity to advertise the company, expand business network and receive relevant information.

  • We will help you to advertise the name of your company and services by means of publication of “BBB – Success Stories” online. The name of your company will be mentioned several times on the BBB website as well as social media platforms.
  • We will help you to expand your network and meet organisations supporting SMEs by means of invitation to a relevant event for a “Business Beyond Borders Ceremony” (e.g. EEN Annual event, the EPE - European Parliament of Enterprises, the SME Academy, etc.).
  • We will keep you informed regarding relevant EU initiatives which can support you in expanding your business internationally.




Your participation in the matchmaking event is free-of-charge and includes:

  • free entrance to the GENERA trade fair for visiting companies
  • handover at your arrival of a complete information package as well as of your personalised appointment schedule
  • quality check of your company / cooperation profile and its publication in the online catalogue of the event
  • regular updates of your appointment schedule throughout the matchmaking event
  • assistance and advice for cooperation agreements.





The registered company agrees to take active and effective part in the event (including the BBB Interactive Session and BBB matchmaking) and to fulfil the satisfaction questionnaires at each stage of the project (after 1 month and after 6 months) sharing information on the results of the matchmaking activities and providing feedbacks about the status of the negotiations (Partnership Agreement). Should the registered company breaches any of these commitments, the Organizer/Contractor reserves the right to exercise the respective legal actions in order to claim for losses and damages due to non-compliance of the commitments.



Please note that the business meetings have to be booked by the participating companies via this website. All the registered profiles are checked and validated within 3 working days  after the registration.


The registration process for the matchmaking event is very simple. After having completed your registration, your profile will appear in the online catalogue.


From the online catalogue, you can select the companies that you would like to meet. A search engine will help you in finding the right profiles.


You can book your meetings in the My b2fair section of this website. In order to book a new meeting, please click on "Add meeting" and select the company which you would like to meet.


The system will propose different meeting slots according to the availibility of both partcipants.



25 minutes: Business meetings

5 minutes: Break / Preparation time to go to the next meeting


All the meetings will take place in the b2fair Matchmaking Area.


  • In the My b2fair section, you have the possibility to monitor at any time your meetings, to decline meeting requests asked by other participants and to add new meetings. In this section, you can download your provisional meeting schedule as well.
  • A few days prior to the matchmaking event, you will receive your meeting schedule by e-mail.
  • Updates: During the event, you will receive several updates of your meeting schedule at the  Information Counter as well as by e-mail and sms.



Please click here to download the Basic Information Pack for participants.


                                                                         ENTRANCE PROCEDURE


If you are a registered participant you will receive an electronic invitation to your email from the Business Beyond Borders team. With this invitation, together with its code, you will be able to obtain a free entrance pass to visit GENERA 2017.

Please note that an electronic invitation will be sent to the email address which you provided in the contact person details of the registration form.

Once you receive this invitation you will need to access the visitor registration form online and regster as a new user with your personal email address. After filling in the registration form online, you will receive a free entrance pass. Please print this entrance pass that will give you the access to the trade fair.





The matchmaking event will take place during GENERA on 28th February and 1st March 2017.
Address of the fair:

IFEMA-Feria de Madrid
Feria de Madrid Avda. del Partenón, 5
Madrid (Spain)



Please click on the links below to download information regarding the different exhibition halls:

Acces Map   -   Halls   -   Services




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