Terms and Conditions

 By registering to Internet of Things Brokerage Event you agree to accept the following issues:

• You will only be admitted once your cooperation profiles is duly filled in according to profile guidelines.
• The organizers will promote your cooperation profile/s through the EEN network market place.
• Cancelations will only be managed through the platform, in this way, the other participant and the organizers will be automatically notified and the schedule will be always updated. Failure to do so will exclude you to participate in future EEN Brokerage Events to avoid any further inconveniences to other participants.
• The organizers have the right to give your personal contact details to the participants with whom you have booked a meeting during the brokerage days in case of not attending or delaying .
• This action is funded by the European Commission and the feedback of your participation is mandatory. Therefore, you are asked to notify any collaboration agreements that you reach with other Brokerage Event participants to the organizer and/or co-organizer which will be treated confidentially.
• Participants are free to accept or decline meetings request from other participants and are asked to be active and eventually request meetings to the other participants.
• Participants can ONLY request/hold international meetings.
• The entry pass will only be given to those participants with international meetings confirmed.
• Participants must answer on due time to the online satisfaction and meetings feedback form sent by organizers.
• Participants must inform the organizers about the meetings with other Brokerage Event participants even if they are held outside the Brokerage space.
• We reserve the right of accepting/declining a registration at our sole discretion
• The organizers can have access to all the information exchanged through the chat of the platform b2fair
• We inform you likewise that ACCIÓ records the events organised and produces videos in any format and storage medium to divulge them in web environments, with the aim of spreading knowledge, activities and support services to business community. Acceptance entails authorisation so that your image and sound may be recorded, reproduced and published in said environments.
• Event co-organizer can assign access right to co-organizers where appropiate (e.g. an Austrian co-organizer may receive access right for Austrian participants.


For Catalan participants only

• You will become a subscriber of the ACCIÓ Informa Newsletter, which will keep you informed on news, services, grants, calls and competitions of ACCIÓ and the Agenda ACCIÓ Newsletter, where activities for businesses and professionals promoted by ACCIÓ are published. You might unregister from any of said bulletins easily, digitally, at any time.
• You authorise the assignment of the data included in said file to other entities to achieve purposes directly related to the aim for which data were asked for.
• You may exercise the rights granted by Law, and particularly rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by addressing an e-mail to dades.accio@gencat.cat, with the reference “data protection”.


Privacy Policy – IoTSWC 2018

Keep in mind that Conference and web site are about networking. When you register to attend the conference and submit data about your company, cooperation profiles, contact information and any other information, you agree that this information be publicly available on the conference website and printed material during the event, and that other registered participants can send you meeting requests for b2b sessions.