“Productive meetings with international businesses across the globe. Thank you” French SME
“The Brokerage event is a great initiative to establish new contacts” Spanish SME
“Very cool ‘speed date’ format and awesome staff support (Brokerage event)” UK SME
 “Very efficient way to network - would cost an awful amount of time to organize all of that without that help.” Austrian SME

“The Brokerage service is excellent by the way. Personally it’s the first time I’ve seen this at a trade show and it has not only saved me a lot of time, but it has allowed me the opportunity to setup meetings with a wide range of people. So many thanks for organising.” UK MNE
“It it the most efficient way to line up so many meetings in a short time. Big value of time! I really like it and you should expand to do this in more events!” MNE from United States

“Very good organisation and quality of meetings” MNE from UK
“Well and professionally organized. Interesting contacts” Finish SME
“The Tack of 20 minutes was perfect to understand if collaboration is possible. The gentle way of your staff at end of time was perfect” French SME
“Business meetings are really a great added value in the event” French SME

“The idea itself is great as allows to save a lot of time on researching the right partner to meet with” MNE from the Netherlands
“Good location and a large number of quality exhibitors. Very good event to see the state of the industry and what tomorrow brings. Good productivity during the meetings, good prospects and in general good attendance rate" Romanian SME
“Very useful to explore new opportunities and have a rough idea o possible new partners with a simple way to schedule and organise short meetings. Congratulations for the organisation team!!” Spanish SME
“The meetings format was very good to quickly identify whether there was collaboration opportunities or not” Spanish SME
“It's great for new contacts and less time consuming than other channels” Spanish SME