Technology Scouting Brokerage:

Are you a Technology Scouter or Business Developer?

We provide you a dedicated location to present your challenge and interview companies with accurate solutions! Be part of our “corporate guests” and meet your future partner at the IOT SWC 18!


Are you interested...

  • In launching your Technology challenges?
  • In investing/buying disruptive Technology?
  • In accessing to ecosystems with high tech RD infrastructure?
  • In gaining visibility at the fair?
  • In choosing your potential suppliers among over 300 participants from all over the world?
  • In having a personal assistant for your b2b meeting management and efficient follow up?


What are the benefits?

  • Meet qualified leads: YOU decide with who you want to meet by sending requests, accepting or refusing invitations.
  • Have a dedicated table for your 20-30 minutes meetings at our stand – Your OWN Technology scouting corner
  • Plan your attendance by selecting a time slot, this way you can manage your agenda at the congress
  • Publish offers and requests in your profile and have access to other participants’ offers and requests
  • Get visibility for your scouting campaign (and promotion of your open innovation platform /competition, if any)
  • Get a personalized agenda according to your needs
  • You will be our special guest and receive a 3 day free Visitor Pass
  • You will be visible in all our promotional and marketing campaign and website


Terms & Conditions

  • You will plan your attendance by selecting a minimum of one 2-hours-slot
  • You should write one or more co-operation profiles describing the innovation challenges (technology/product/expertise) you are looking for and desired type of partner
  • As a Technology Scouter and Business Developer you will decide with whom you want to meet by sending requests, accepting or refusing invitations in compliance with Brokerage deadlines.
  • You’re willing to and will accept meeting with international companies/startups.
  • You will collaborate with our meetings feedback survey
  • You accept to be mentioned in our promotional material and communications


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