LovEat: quality and traceability of each displayed product


Italy is the European country with the largest number of food products with designation of origin and geographical indication recognised by the European Union.

Thanks to these specific Community certification marks, greater guarantees will be given to consumers combined with a level of traceability and food safety higher than that of other products.

Italy in itself can count 280 P.D.O., P.G.I. and T.S.G. products, as well as on approximately 523 DOCG, DOC and TGI certified wines. Veneto can boast of several records for agro-food products adhering to quality systems regulated by the European Union. As a matter of fact, Veneto can count 36 P.D.O. and P.G.I. products: more precisely, 18 products have acquired the P.D.O. status while 18 have received the P.G.I. status. As to the wines, 14 of them are D.O.C.G. products, 28 of them are renowned D.O.C. wines, and 10 of them are T.G.I. wines.

The Venetian traditional products which made the "National List of traditional food products" in 2015 are 375.

Concerning the “QV” Verified Quality regional brand, 62 technical product policies for integrated crop management and 4 for the livestock sector are available to producers and consumers. These rules are also part of the two SQNPI national quality systems for the Integrated Production and SQNZ for livestock production.

In the area of ​​organic farming, the region of Veneto ranks third nationally for organic area with industrial crops, the ninth for fruit and vine and fourteenth for vegetables and cereals, having given work to 1,811 regional companies.

The products at LovEat will only be healthy and of controlled origin: from P.D.O. to P.G.I., P.A.T., T.S.G., Integrated Production, Verified Quality for Food and D.O.C. & D.O.C.G for Wines: all of these abbreviations on food and wine labels guarantee that a food or wine products will taste as it traditionally should. The product is labelled for reliability, quality and tradition. The products are split into the categories of Fresh Meat, Fish, Fruit, Vegetables and Cereals, Oil, Vinegar, Cheese, Baked Goods, Pasta, Cold Cuts, Wine, Spirits, Grappa, Spices, Beer.


Participation fees for the matchmaking event is free of charge. Please note that a fine of 100€ will be invoiced in order to maintain the quality of the event in case companies cancel their participation after 29th November 2016 or do not present themselves during the business meetings.


  • handover at your arrival of a complete information package as well as of your personalised appointment schedule;
  • quality check of your company / cooperation profile and its publication in the online catalogue of the event;
  • regular updates of your appointment schedule during the matchmaking event;
  • assistance and advice for cooperation agreements.


STEP 1:  

Register online at Registration. Complete your company profile in detail. After validation by your local partner organisation, your profile will be published in the online catalogue. NB: Your profile has to be completed in ENGLISH. 


After having received your username and password, go to the My b2fair section and book your meetings. The system will indicate the possible meeting slots according to the availibility of both parties. 

STEP 3: 

Once your meetings have been booked, you have the possibility to download your provisional meeting schedule immediately and to import in your personal agenda. 

STEP 4: 

A few days prior to the event, you will receive your provisional appointment schedule by e-mail. At the event, your meeting schedule will be updated regularly. You can ask your updated appointment schedule at any time at the Info Counter. You will also receive your schedule by sms and e-mail. 

STEP 5:  During the event, you will meet your potential business partners at the meeting places indicated in your schedule.





Please note that the business meetings have to be booked by the participating companies via this website. All the registered profiles are checked and validated within 3 working days  after the registration. Your profile will be displayed in the ONLINE CATALOGUE.


The registration process for the matchmaking event is very simple. After having completed your registration, your profile will appear in the online catalogue.


From the online catalogue, you can select the companies that you would like to meet. A search engine will help you in finding the right profiles.


You can book your meetings in the My b2fair section of this website. In order to book a new meeting, please click on "Add meeting" and select the company which you would like to meet.


The system will propose different meeting slots according to the availibility of both partcipants.



25 minutes: Business meetings

5 minutes: Break / Time to prepare for the next business meeting


The meetings will take place at the LOVEAT Expo. The exact meeting room and table number will be indicated on your meeting schedule.


  • In the My b2fair section, you have the possibility to monitor at any time your meetings, to decline meeting requests asked by other participants and to add new meetings. In this section, you can download your provisional meeting schedule as well.
  • A few days prior to the matchmaking event, you will receive your meeting schedule by e-mail.
  • Updates: During the event, you will receive several updates of your meeting schedule at the  Information Counter as well as by e-mail and sms.